Global Education Services is one of the industry's leading Lead Generation companies.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most responsive business opportunity leads to clients throughout the world.

We are linked with an extensive network of lead producing websites, and tens of thousands of network partner lead producing websites throughout North America.

If you want the very best, most responsive, Real Time (1 second old), Surveyed Business Opportunity Leads or PreEnrollees (also called Signups), available today, contact us to see how we can meet your requirements.

Likewise, if you have a network of high traffic content based websites we can increase your profitability by leveraging your existing network infrastructure, with no additional effort or expense.

Feel free to contact us at: support at for more information.

Here are a few other key ideas for your consideration:

At Global Education Services we are serious about staying on the leading edge when it comes to Lead Generation and Lead Delivery technology.  We can provide your company or organization with highly verified, one second old, super responsive Real Time Surveyed Leads or PreEnrollees (also called Signups).

We can deliver these super fresh Leads in real time to you or your clients and members by email.  We can also tailor a solution and deliver them as PreEnrollees in Real Time directly into a Generic Back Office contact manager system (or your own automated database and/or marketing system).  You choose which type of delivery system works best for your type of program.

Customer satisfaction is our number one concern here at Global Education Services .  This means that we endeavor to provide the best possible lead to the person who is using that lead.  We know that business builders who purchase and use leads, want the most responsive leads possible.  People want "HOT" leads - prospects that are actively looking for a business opportunity.  Our experience shows us that the fresher the lead, the more responsive the prospect likely is.  That's why we deliver 1 SECOND OLD Leads to the end user of the lead - Leads just don't get any HOTTER than that!


Most companies sell their leads 5 or more times, and often they sell them to other resellers of leads so one lead can sometimes be sold more than a dozen times within 24 hours.  At Champion-MCN Sercvices, we sell our leads an average of only two times in Real Time, and we deliver directly to the end user of the lead so we know that no other company is buying our leads and reselling them in high numbers to other people.  We also make it a goal to never sell the lead to a similar company.  This keeps the lead fresh and open to hearing about your opportunity.


When you order leads from Global Education Services , we can also provide you with our state-of-the-art, exclusive, Lead Back Office system that provides you with total control over the flow of your leads.  You can pause and unpause your order at any time, so if you don't want to work over the weekend, or if you're going away on a holiday, you can simply pause your order and then unpause your order when you are ready to receive leads again.

You are in complete control of the target amount of leads that you want each day.  For example, you could start by getting 15 leads per day, coming to you in real time throughout the day, and then at any time you could reduce or increase this daily amount, to suit your available time.

You can also view or download your leads in the back office as well if necessary.


We now have three kinds of Real Time Surveyed Leads:

1. Real Time National Leads.
You have full control of these leads in your own Lead Back Office, as described above.  These leads are seconds old, so these are as fresh as leads can get.

2. Real Time Local Area Code Targeted Leads
You get fresh responsive Local Area Code Targeted Leads delivered to you in Real Time within seconds.  And NOW, for the first time ever in this industry, you have complete control of your local lead orders!

  • You may include ANY number of area codes in your order
  • You choose your desired maximum # of leads per day
  • You can pause and unpause your order at anytime

If you want leads from your own local area, or you want to target specific areas across North America that are desirable for some reason, or you want to focus on specific areas leading up to a big company event in that area, then our Real Time Local Leads are the most Responsive Targeted Leads you can get!

3. Real Time Gender Leads
You can purchase 'male or female only' Real Time Surveyed Leads.  Many people believe their opportunity is more interesting to just one gender.  Now you can order all your leads in one gender.  You have full control of these leads in your own Lead Back Office, as described above.

4. Real Time Redirected Leads
You get fresh responsive Home Business Opportunity Leads redirected to your website, and delivered directly to you by email, in Real Time.  These Live Redirected Leads are delivered to you within seconds after they request more information - when they are the most receptive to your offer - when they are Hot!  Our customers find Real-Time Redirected Leads like these to be an extremely effective, affordable, and duplicable way to build a large successful organization.


1. Fresh Surveyed Leads - these are 8+ days old.

2. Discount Surveyed Leads - these leads are 31+ days old.

For more information about our incredible Business Opportunity Lead Solutions, feel free to contact us at: support at .

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