Global Education Services gives you new qualified targeted prospects to build your business faster and easier.

As a client, we can help you research your market and find "buyers" of products or services like yours. It's important you're spending your time in front of the right people. Nothing kills a business faster than marketing to the wrong people or group...

One of America's premier experts, Dan Kennedy, defines this simple idea as "Market to Message Match."

To many businesses are putting there message in front of the wrong people.  You want to be in front of qualified prospects who have shown an interest in your type of offer.

Don't be misled by the false prophets in this industry.

Inquiries, curiosity seekers and window shoppers will never give you the results you should DEMAND in a company.

Global Education Services can help you tailor your campaign from beginning to end.  Research the market and help you find schools of hungry fish.  Once we find the market, we can secure you the best targeted lists both on and off the Internet and help create a winning sales message that gets results - many times up to 5%-40% in response.

Are you ready to explode your profits, save time and enjoy the benefits of what you're looking for as an owner of your business?

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If you are in the business opportunity marketplace and looking for hot targeted lists of business opportunity seekers, look no further.  Global Education Services has created a lead solution for Real Time leads, TV leads, as well as aged leads for your on- and offline efforts.

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