Global Education Services provides you what you're looking for in a proven marketing campaign -RESULTS!

Most businesses suffer from a shotgun approach to marketing - hoping they hit something along the way.

We have developed proven marketing strategies that move you from being another "boat" in the water trying to convince people to come to shore.

Rather, with our proven marketing strategies and systems, you become a light house on the shore line attracting boats and a flood of new clients to you.

We can tailor a program for you on many different levels.

Internet Marketing, Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines and more.  As a client you can use our buying and purchasing power to help you get the best rates - many times comparative to remnant space discounts and buyouts.

Imagine this situation:

You've created a new information product.  You have developed a solid database of subscribers, constituents and clients.  You want to launch a long term campaign with a few other partners you will give a cut to.  Global Education Services can help you create the product, fulfill on the product, supply you with a proven sales structure to present your product, set you up with a forum of possible partners to sell it to.  We can even offer merchant banking solutions to help with your growth, process your orders, handle the service, and ongoing sales and support.

You could take our proven sales process and structure and convert it to a a proven marketing campaign using the latest techniques on the Internet, Mail, Classified Ads, Telemarketing, and more - a fully integrated selling/marketing model.

You do the work up front one time - and now you have a presentation duplicated and used over and over again - helping you create your own Perpetual Business Machine.

We can even supply you the fulfillment house to ship your product, service it, take the calls, do the selling for you, and you get a royalty check for your efforts.

Done correctly, this arena can complement and supplement your already successful business, or it could be a stand alone business on its own - and it very well may be the highest paid profession in the world!

Intellectual property continues to create massive wealth in this country.  However, you and I were never taught how to turn our intellect into a product...

...or more importantly into a business.

Global Education Services shows you how to take your greatest passion, talent and expertise - evaluate the market, and then implement a successful marketing strategy for short and long term profits and success.

Imagine doing a recorded interview on the phone- an interview up to 2 hours in length.  Our pro's go to work for you and we help you drive people to it.  For sake of example, let's say you present your program to 300 people within a week.  Of the 300 people who listen to your interview, just 15% purchase your $1,000 program.  Imagine the possibility of getting a report that your program generated around $45,000 that week...

Imagine being able to duplicate that idea... that concept... week after week after week.

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