Global Education Services offers a variety of solutions for our clients to improve their efficiency, sales, and bottom line profits.  Our partner clients get access to some of these incredible services:

- Our Champion Business Transformation : We help companies build success in shorter periods of time.  You get to team with experts have been responsible for adding over $50 million dollars in revenues through direct marketing on TV, Radio, the Internet, Direct Mail and more.

- Product Creation : Global Education Services will meet you where the rubber meets the road to evaluate and create a successful strategy to implement, change or modify your products and services for greater profits, rewards and customer satisfaction.

- Sales and Marketing : Global Education Services uses cutting edge real world experience to deliver results to our clients with proven integrated direct marketing campaigns including most if not all media types - the Internet, Direct Mail, Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, while building a system for long term customer acquisition.

- Lead Generation : Global Education Services is teamed with the leading marketers in the world today - both on and off the Internet.  If you're looking for leads on and off the Internet tailored and geared for your product(s) and service(s), this is the solution you've been looking for.

- Database and Customer Relationship Management : Global Education Services can provide the small and medium sized business -$100 million or less - solutions for their on and offline database.  Our integrated systems make it easy to track, monitor and implement our recommended direct marketing solutions to greater profits.

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